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The instances in which a person can suffer a wrongful injury are many and, unfortunately, not every instance happens under accidental circumstances. Alabama personal injury attorney Tommy James seeks justice for victims of crime and other wrongdoing in civil court for money damages. Tommy has over twenty years of experience working on cases involving murder, rape, sexual assault, sexual molestation, kidnapping, human trafficking, assault, abuse, neglect, drunk driving and more. Tommy often represents victims who are children, those with special needs or mental illness, the elderly and anyone who has suffered serious injuries or wrongful death due to the misbehavior of staff members and institutions. Tommy has brought successful cases against local and state governmental agencies, private businesses, insurance companies and even employees who failed to protect or even harmed the individuals who they were supposed to be caring for. These cases are different from domestic abuse custody cases (for which you would need a family lawyer), or a criminal cases (which would require a prosecutor). These cases involve institutions and their employees neglecting or mistreating individuals in their care, and fighting for monetary compensation for those harms.

During his career, Tommy has successfully brought cases against the Alabama Department of Mental Health, the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR), the Alabama Department of Youth Services, the Alabama Department of Corrections, the Alabama Department of Transportation, the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles and these agency’s employees. The cases Tommy handles often occur in nursing homes, group homes, daycares, mental health facilities, psychiatric wards in hospitals, schools for troubled teens, foster homes, schools and anywhere else where these types of institutional crimes occur.

Since deciding to become a lawyer, Tommy knew that it was his mission in life to help those in need. For this reason, he decided to start a local Alabama law firm that put people first. Since then, he has represented and advocated for the rights of the wrongfully injured, resulting in millions of dollars in awarded restitution. He has fought and won cases on both local and state levels, representing citizens across the State of Alabama from his local Birmingham office.

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Though our firm does not handle custody or Tommy James Law offers free consultations in regard to personal injuries caused by institutions and their staff.  You can come and talk to Tommy about your case with no obligation. If you so happen to reside in an area outside of Alabama, Tommy will find an appropriate and experienced co-counsel who has jurisdiction at no additional cost to you. Every case is different, but whatever the circumstances, our Birmingham personal injury law firm can help.

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