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Sequel Youth And Family Services And The Troubled Teen Industry (Residential Treatment Program/facility Abuse And Neglect)

Sequel Youth and Family Services is one of many companies that operate facilities where parents and state officials across the country send at-risk youth for psychological treatment and educational services. These facilities are operated by for-profit companies and get paid to house and supposedly rehabilitate…

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Three Ways to Fight Institutional Abuse

Institutional abuse happens when a staff member or agent of an organization or care facility abuses their power over those in their care. This type of abuse can be financial, emotional, physical, mental or sexual. It can happen to seniors, the mentally impaired, adults, teenagers…

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How Our Alabama Law Firm Investigates Nursing Home Abuse

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse affects nearly one million elderly people in America every year. Still, many cases of abuse go unreported. Since the elderly have deteriorating mental and physical health, along with a dependence on caregivers, they are susceptible to severe mistreatment. This is why…

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How Can Our Attorney Help Fight the Troubled Teen Industry?

Large companies, hedge funds, and other financial institutions have interests in residential treatment facilities. These groups want to avoid negative press at all costs. That means you will face an aggressive legal fight when dealing with these facilities. However, facing these facilities in court sheds…

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How Can I Report Daycare Abuse In Alabama?

If you decide to put your child in daycare, then you are expecting that daycare staff will keep your child safe. Daycare workers and caregivers are expected to provide a safe environment for your children and to report any suspicious activity that could pose a…

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What You Need To Know About Nursing Home Abuse In Alabama

Caregivers, family members, and nursing home staff members abuse an estimated five million senior citizens every year in the United States. Even more shocking is that only 1 in 14 cases of nursing home abuse or elder abuse is ever reported. The elderly are at…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sequel Abuse Lawsuits

Therapeutic residential treatment programs and facilities have developed into a billion-dollar business called the Troubled Teen Industry. These for-profit facilities collect money to house and treat wayward teens who are acting out. Sequel Youth and Family Services operates many of these facilities across the country.…

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Is My Child in an Abusive Institution?

When it comes to the health of today’s youth, the troubled teen industry may be one of its greatest threats. Largely unregulated, youth residential treatment facilities collect billions of dollars treating teens with behavioral problems. However, many people question the safety and effectiveness of such…

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Tommy James Law Files Civil Lawsuit In Lebrawn Rankin Tragedy

On April 6, 2018, Mobile Police and Fire-Rescue arrived at the Sandpiper Townhomes to find 8-year-old LeBrawn Rankin unresponsive and not breathing. His older sister was giving him CPR, but as authorities examined the boy, they determined he had passed. Signs around the boy’s body…

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Does Your Vehicle Contain A Recalled Takata Airbag?

Some of the largest automakers in the world recalled millions of vehicles that contain Takata’s defective airbag inflators, which could rupture without warning. When these inflators rupture, the metal casing fractures and spews shrapnel into the vehicle cabin. Takata airbag inflators are responsible for more…

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