How Can I Report Daycare Abuse In Alabama?

Tommy James

If you decide to put your child in daycare, then you are expecting that daycare staff will keep your child safe. Daycare workers and caregivers are expected to provide a safe environment for your children and to report any suspicious activity that could pose a danger. If you suspect that your child has been a victim of abuse at his or her daycare facility, then you should know how to look for signs of abuse and how to report the abuse to Alabama authorities.

How Do I Report Abuse in Alabama Daycares?

The Alabama Department of Human Resources advises that you call your County Department of Human Resources or local law enforcement agency to report any suspected abuse or neglect. Specific Alabama counties have their own regulations on how the report should be written and filed, so check with your county’s police department.

If you have witnessed abuse, then you should immediately contact the police. However, if you have suspicions of abuse, then it is still important that you file a report. Once you do, Alabama police could investigate the matter. Local Alabama licensing divisions will also decide whether administrative penalties or licenses will be revoked.

Your only responsibility is to decide whether you would like to file a lawsuit as parents. You may be able to hold the daycare center financially responsible for any losses that resulted from the abuse. These losses can include medical bills, counseling, alternative child care and other expenses.

If you believe that your child has been abused at his or her daycare, then you should file a report with the Alabama authorities mentioned above and call a lawyer. Tommy James Law offers free consultations for any parents in the Birmingham area that are interested in seeking compensation for their child’s abuse. Contact us today to speak to an attorney.

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