Frequently Asked Questions About Sequel Abuse Lawsuits

Tommy James

Therapeutic residential treatment programs and facilities have developed into a billion-dollar business called the Troubled Teen Industry. These for-profit facilities collect money to house and treat wayward teens who are acting out. Sequel Youth and Family Services operates many of these facilities across the country. However, the kids in these facilities do not always receive the care they expect.

When these facilities neglect their residents and enable abuse by staff members, our law firm takes action to hold them accountable. Tommy James Law helps individuals file lawsuits against the people or entities that caused them harm. Below are a few of the common questions our firm sees when it comes to Sequel Youth and Family Services lawsuits.

Who Can File a Sequel Abuse Lawsuit?

Teens who suffered injuries or harm at the hands of Sequel Youth facility staff may take legal action against Sequel. These children were trusted to the protective care of these facilities by the state or parents who believed they were getting help. When Sequel and its staff members break that trust, someone must hold them responsible.

Parents, legal guardians or representatives of an abuse victim’s estate may also file a lawsuit against Sequel depending on the circumstances. To understand your rights, contact our Alabama institutional abuse attorney for help.

How Long Do I Have to File a Sequel Abuse Case?

The statute of limitations for filing a Sequel Youth lawsuit depends on the laws in the state where the abuse occurred. Here in Alabama, there is a two-year statute of limitations in place for personal injury lawsuits. There are some fine details that could extend or shorten this period, so it’s important to consult an attorney as soon as you know something is wrong.

What Is Vivant Behavioral Health?

Often when a Sequel facility is found negligent or held responsible for abuse, the company sells that facility to other interested parties. Vivant Behavioral Healthcare is the company that has bought many of the former Sequel treatment centers. Founded by Jay Ripley, one of Sequel’s three founders, this company only just started operations in 2021. These facts raise concerns that these Sequel facilities may continue to operate as they once had, just under new ownership.

What if I Suffered Abuse at a Sequel Facility That Closed or Changed Names? Can I Still Sue?

You can still pursue compensation for your injuries and harm even if the facility that abused you closes or changes its name. Abuse victims can sue the company that ran the facility as well as the facility staff members who were responsible for the victim’s pain and suffering. Even if Sequel fires the culpable staffers, you can still hold them liable in a lawsuit.

Still Have Questions About Filing an Abuse Lawsuit Against Sequel Youth and Family Services?

Attorney Tommy James has a record of helping individuals file lawsuits for compensation against those who have harmed them. To learn more about how our law firm helps the injured, check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page. You can also call us at (205) 843-5086 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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