Three Ways to Fight Institutional Abuse

Tommy James

Institutional abuse happens when a staff member or agent of an organization or care facility abuses their power over those in their care. This type of abuse can be financial, emotional, physical, mental or sexual. It can happen to seniors, the mentally impaired, adults, teenagers and children. Unfortunately, this abuse happens all too often, butTommy James Lawis fighting this trend.

Our office hasa historyof taking on cases to help the victims of abuse get compensation for the abuse they suffered. We have seen the results of institutional abuse up close. To help end these horrible tragedies, we have gathered a list of ways you can help stop institutional abuse.

1. Support an Abuse Prevention Organization

Thankfully, there are organizations out there that recognize the dangers of institutional abuse. Whether the abuse happens in a nursing home, foster care facility or a for-profit residential treatment facility for teens, there is a support network for victims.Breaking Code Silenceis giving support and a platform to speak out for teens who have suffered in thetroubled teen industry. TheNational Children’s Advocacy Centerworks to prevent, intervene and provide treatment for kids who have suffered abuse. Supporting organizations like this can help shine a light on the problem and create solutions.

2. Report Suspected Abuse

Abuse is one of the most common yet underreported crimes in Alabama and across the country. By simply reporting suspected abuse to the authorities, you are doing a big part in stopping future abuse. Learnhow to identify the signs of abuse, and when you see them, reach out. If you are unsure about who to contact, the CDC has anEldercare Locatorthat can help. You can also call the police to report any suspected abuse.

3. Contact an Attorney to Help Seek Restitution

Those who suffer at the hands of abusers can take the organizations that enabled those abusers to court. Doing so casts a spotlight on the abuse and helps prevent future cases from happening. For example, USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee recentlysettled with abuse victims for $380 million. Part of that settlement includes creating measures that will prevent future abuse by those working closely with young athletes. Our own law firm is representing a young man who experienced abuse in aSequel Youth and Family Servicesfacility.

By helping those who have suffered at the hands of negligent institutions, we can all make a difference. And though our law firm does not handle issues of custody or family law, we do our part by making facilities pay for their crimes. For more information about seeking restitution from a facility that enabled institutional abuse, call us at(205) 843-5086. Theinitial consultation is free, and you will start a process that could help abuse victims locally and nationwide.

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