What Sex Abuse Victims Need to Know About the Boy Scouts of America Bankruptcy

What Sex Abuse Victims Need to Know About the Boy Scouts of America Bankruptcy

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Recently, the Boy Scouts of America filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They did this to temporarily stop the Boy Scouts sexual abuse investigations and lawsuits against them. What does this mean for survivors of child sex abuse? How can you hold them accountable for the harm they caused? At Tommy James Law, we know that these are uncertain times. Survivors of Boy Scouts sexual abuse have an absolute right to seek compensation and hold abusers responsible. Will bankruptcy affect this right?

A Long History of Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse

For decades, the Boy Scouts of America kept a record of volunteers that had a history or suspicion of sexually abusing young scouts. In 2018, this record came to light and named more than 7,800 abusive scout leaders. The result was a ripple effect throughout the country. The report also named more than 12,000 victims. To date, abuse survivors filed more than 300 lawsuits seeking damages.

The Boy Scouts of America counted on strict laws in states that prevented abuse survivors from seeking compensation after a short window. Yet, in recent years, many states lengthened the time for child sex abuse survivors to file a claim. Now, the Boy Scouts of America faces enormous liability. In addition, they lost much of their insurance after they failed to disclose this history of abuse to their insurers. As a result, the organization may not have the funds to litigate or settle some of the Boy Scouts sexual abuse cases. So, they decided to file for bankruptcy.

How Will Bankruptcy Affect Your Case?

If you are a Boy Scouts sexual abuse survivor, you must act quickly. Filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows the Boy Scouts of America to continue operating as an organization while settling their debts. During Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the time limits to file a claim are shorter. The courts set a Claims Bar Date. This means that you must submit any claims against the organization before the date determined by the courts. This helps the organization reduce the number of claims and lawsuits it must handle. It also means that sex abuse survivors have less time to file a claim and obtain justice.

Do You Have Questions About Boy Scouts Abuse?

If you have questions about Boy Scouts abuse or if you or your child is a survivor of abuse, you need someone on your side. The Alabama child abuse attorney at Tommy James Law can answer your questions and give you compassionate legal guidance during this time. Our team does whatever it takes to hold abusers and the institutions that harbored them accountable. We know how to fight child sex abuse cases and win. We know that no amount of compensation can undo the harm done to you or your child. Yet, this compensation can help you obtain justice, so you can rebuild your life after abuse. To learn more about our law firm and our attorney, call us at (205) 259-7850 or fill out our confidential contact form. We are here to help in any way we can.

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