$50 Million Judgment- Client murdered by the D.C. snipers, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo.

$16 Million Settlement- Two people were killed when steel coils were not properly secured onto a tractor-trailer. The coils came off of the trailer and landed on top of the victims.

$6 Million Settlement during Jury Trial- Client was rendered quadriplegic during a crash due to an automobile product defect.

$5 Million Judgment- Largest judgment ever awarded in the county of the incident. A mental health worker sexually abused a patient who was mentally disabled.

$3 Million Judgment- Eighth-grade female student was sexually abused by her teacher. The teacher was charged criminally with first-degree sexual abuse.

$3 Million Settlement- 18-wheeler truck driver fell asleep at the wheel. His truck crossed the median and collided head-on with our client, killing her instantly.

$1.5 Million Jury Verdict- Client’s Taurus gun dropped to the ground while in its holster, with the safety on. The gun discharged causing severe injuries due to the defective safety mechanism. There are almost 1,000,000 Taurus guns in current use with the same or similar safety mechanism.  Maroney v. Taurus International Manufacturing, et al.

$1.2 Million Settlement- A mentally and physically disabled patient received over 2,000 fire ant bites in her bed in a facility for the developmentally disabled.  The Defendants were aware of an ant problem and they also did not check on the client as required.

$1 Million Policy Limits Settlement – Clients’ family members were murdered as the result of wrongdoing committed by a State of Alabama agency and its employees.

$1 Million Jury Verdict- This verdict was awarded in one of the most conservative counties in the State of Alabama. Mental health workers falsified documents in an attempt to cover up the murder of a mentally disabled patient.

$1 Million Settlement- Client was murdered by work release inmate. It was proven during discovery that the inmate should have never been allowed to be on work release based upon three prior convictions.

$975,000.00 Settlement- The client was beaten in a mental health facility by another patient resulting in him being in a semi-comatose state. The client was unsupervised and the perpetrator was not supposed to be among other patients due to his violent tendencies.

$965,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement- Client murdered as the result of wrongdoing by state employees.

$950,000.00 Settlement- Mentally disabled client was murdered in a state facility.

$950,000.00 Settlement- Mentally disabled client in a state facility died as the result of the negligence of caregivers.

$800,000.00 Settlement- Two patients were raped by other patients at a mental health facility.

$700,000.00 Settlement- A child inmate at an Alabama Department of Youth Services facility died as a result of inadequate medical care.

$600,000.00 Settlement- A patient who was physically incapacitated was raped by a worker of a health care facility.

$600,000.00 Settlement- Mentally disabled client eloped from a group home. The client had been known to leave the home and there were orders in place so that he could not leave the home. Despite this, he was allowed to leave the home and was later found dead as a result of a fall.

$590,000.00 Settlement- Twelve-year-old client died in a facility for troubled teens. He collapsed and workers inexplicably failed to call 911 or to start CPR for over 30 minutes, giving him no chance of survival.

$590,000.00 Settlement Thirteen-year-old boy drowned during a school outing. The school is for troubled teens. The swimming trip was unauthorized and the child was under no supervision.

$500,000.00 Policy Limits Settlement- The client was in a facility for troubled teens. She was taken from her room and then gang-raped in a boy’s room by several attackers. The perpetrators included an employee of the facility.

$400,000.00 Settlement- A child who is mentally ill and mentally disabled was raped by an older patient at a mental health facility.

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